March, 01 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The global arms trafficker is crushing the world peace

Tony Abi Saab is a big time player for making millions out his illicit business network

In today modern era, people find themselves in the middle of one of the deepest issues of capitalism. The saturating level of scandals and corruption is happening for millions of money by corrupt businessmen. One such name who is corrupting the roots of economy is Tony Abi Saab.

Tony Abi Saab, who got away with the charges like committing USD 5 Million fraud by misusing the liberty of the Civil Court in the US. Due to lack of direct US interference in the expedition and legal assistance, the fraudster took advantage of this loophole in the US legal system to save his life.

Despite the evidence gathered by the FBI, Tony didn’t serve a single day jail term in the US but his company Brescia Middle East was barred from doing business in the United States. The corrupt Lebanese contractor still runs several ghost companies and indirectly operates many branches of bogus reconstruction and military service companies across Europe and Afghanistan.

Tony shares a family bond with Raymond Azar, a convicted fraudster who swindled millions of dollars of reconstruction money through the contracts he achieved for his company Sima Salazar. It is estimated that Azar’s company got over 150 US contracts with the help of former Corps of Engineers contract administrator Gloria Martinez and her sister Dinorah Cobos, who served as an executive in the Sima Salazar Group. Azar showered gifts to the sisters in return of contracts.

The Sima Salazar, a fake construction company that got several high profiles US contracts and failed to complete even a single project. Tony has close business links with Sima Salazar group through his own company Tactica Ltd. Now both companies are banned from doing business with the US.
But it’s necessary to put these type of fraudsters behind bars because their crime is not less than the terrorists killing people and inflicting pain in the world.

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