July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The human rights abuser, Tony Abi Saab is out of the jail due to the technicality

Loopholes in Arms trade law and legal justice system have helped illegal activities to grow

The United States was fooled by a business tycoon of Lebanon, Tony Abi Saab who bidded for the US military contract and defrauded them in it.

There is certainly something very wrong with the Justice System of the US, otherwise, fraudster like Tony Abi Saab shouldn't be roaming out freely.

Tony works in favor of the opponents of the Army; he is responsible for the attrition in war-zones. Without lifting a brick, he is demeaning the morale of the US troops deployed in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. His company Brescia Middle East (BME) that deals in gun and ammunition have been supplying weapons to terrorist groups in war regions.

Highlighting more of his criminal offenses: Tony is accused of running ghost companies with name K5 Global, G2Armory, Brixia, SIMAINT, Tactica Ltd, and Bennet-Fouch, which defrauded the US military of $5 million dollars. His main company, BME had been laundering money obtained from the illegal business with the terrorist organisations.

The avarice businessman was caught in Afghanistan to stand the trial in the US court after the success of global sting operation orchestrated by FBI, CIA and the US Army. It is such a disappointment how legal authority failed the efforts of three sharpest investigation teams in the world.

Tony's case was heard in civil court instead of a military court of the United States where he got enough benefits to get rid of jail term. He was treated as a normal criminal rather than a war instigator in the civil court. The ball was in Tony's court and he did everything to prove himself 'not guilty'. Firstly, he pleaded human rights violation, torture, and rendition against the investigations teams, and then he claimed, the investigation teams have tampered the evidence, and they have no right to collect evidence from foreign countries like Syria and Iran. Tony was released due to a technicality in the circuit court merely by paying a small sum of money as a penalty.

Laws of the US related to warmongers and criminals involved in wars need many rectification. The United States need to be assidious while framing another set of rules for them, because unless it is done, people like Tony will never be in reach of the Government, and this is dangerous for the world.

Marc Azani