April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

US Army struggled to convict illegal arms dealer, Tony Abi Saab

War crime accused Tony Abi Saab escaped the heavy jail term due to a technicality in the circuit court

The military is bravely fighting a battle against terrorism whereas corrupt businessman Tony Abi Saab is wasting the efforts of the troops by selling hi-tech weapons to terrorists. Now, because of him, terrorists are armed with advanced weapons which are intensifying the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Tony Abi Saab is a Lebanon national who deals in arms and weapons internationally. He does firearms business with the military forces as well as with the militants for the sake of obtaining tax-free money. His front company Brescia Middle East is a base for all of his illegal businesses. Raymond is a friend and a close family relative of Tony who works on the instructions of the Abi Saabs. Azar's company Sima Salazar Group embezzled multi-million dollars of the US Army in the contract fraud.

Tony and his friend Raymond Azar had several common bank accounts with doubtful credited amount and transactions. Raymond and Tony swindled 5 million dollars of the US defense through their shell companies G2 Armory and Bennet-Fouch. Kevin Lynch, the US Corps of Engineer working in Afghanistan wore a wire for FBI to expose the criminal activities of Raymond and Tony. He succeeded in luring Raymond and the executive of Sima Salazar, Dinorah Cobos to meet him with bribe money and valuable documents. The investigation team arrested Azar and Cobos from Afghanistan in 2009 and took them to the US court to stand the trial. Raymond was punished with ten years of jail and 15 million dollars of penalty.

Tony Abi Saab was also arrested in 2011 while trying to bribe a US officer. He was charged for grievous crimes like money laundering, selling weapons and guns to the terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, and running ghost companies to produce and sell contraband weapons. But, it sad that Tony got free without serving a single day in jail due to a technicality in circuit court. He pleaded torture, human rights violation and tampering of evidence against the CIA. The United States is having a hard time to catch the fraudster without the support of local governments of the war-prone countries.

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