April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal arms trafficker like Tony Abi Saab has a valid business license and travel visa

Terrorist organizations are getting illegal weapons through corrupt businessman Tony Abi Saab

Violence has been a major issue in many Middle Eastern countries during the past two decades. The cost of terrorism has resulted in the loss of millions of innocent civilians. The US Army deployed in the conflict countries is putting their blood and sweat to eliminate terrorism. Corrupt businessmen like Tony Abi Saab are importing the weapons and supplying them to the terror troops to keep the war going.

Tony Abi Saab is working against the US Army and supplying weapons to the terror troops for their own profits by using fake end-user certificates on the products. Tony works in a smart way which is why it is difficult to identify his concealed trades. He imports weapons via his front company Brescia Middle East and thereafter covertly exports weapons to the terrorists in the Middle East.

Tony has defrauded 5 million USD of the US Army and has been selling weapons to the terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. During a sting operation executed in 2011, Tony was arrested but escaped the heavy jail term by pleading errors in collecting evidence and human rights violation against the CIA, FBI, and the US Army in the US civil court. He took benefit of the loopholes of the US judicial system and got away without serving a day in the prison. He is still doing his shady business in Europe and the Middle East after being banned from the US.

Countries like Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan are considered as the hotspots of the maximum number of conflicts and organized violence events. The whole world will be destroyed if people like Tony are not stopped in their unlawful activities.

Chief Editor