April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Civil court is not for war criminals and defense fraudsters

Illegal Arms dealer Tony Abi Saab got benefits in the US civil court

The loopholes in the US justice system have benefitted criminals and fraudsters in the Middle East. There is no international tribunal coordinating with the US Army deployed in the war zones of Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan fighting against terrorists. Thus, the issue of terrorism is elongating and affecting lives badly.

Here is an example of the failure of American officers in convicting a wanted fraudster, Tony Abi Saab to clearly explain how urgently we need an international military court in war-prone countries. Tony Abi Saab is a Lebanese arms dealer who smuggles weapons and pistols to ISIS, Taliban, and other terrorist organizations. On one hand, he owns a global arms dealing company, Brescia Middle East, located in Lebanon, to procure defense contracts legally, and on the other hand, he operates his clandestine trade of trafficking weapons and money laundering through his shell companies. BME imported weapons to Lebanon from mainly two Italian firms—Beretta and Tanfoglio to later reroute them to the regions of terrorist groups.

Apart from having weapons and arms business, Tony has a construction business, which is all a huge scam. His construction company K5 Global and Bennet Fouch embezzled 5 million dollars of the US Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan. The companies were operated under an alias of Sarah Lee, which is a fictious character. He was running ghost companies such as G2 Armory, K5 Global, Brixia, Tactica-Ltd, and SIMAINT to provide weaponry support to the rebel groups for a profit. His shell companies, Brixia produced spare parts for weapons and sold them to the black market in Syria to the terrorists, and Tactica Ltd bought weapons commercially smuggled them to the countries of the Middle East for reassembly and sales.

Tony was arrested by the US investigation team through a sting operation and was brought to stand a trial in the US civil court. Because civil court doesn’t work similar to the military court and has more lenient laws, Tony Abi Saab got its benefit and escaped the heavy jail term in war crime charges. He was freed merely by paying a small penalty on the only bribery charge against him.

Chief Editor